Monday, November 13, 2006

Around the lake

Yesterday was a relaxing Sunday, and a day off from running. I didn't do much except hang out, watch sports, and simply enjoy my new apartment. I made a delicious meat loaf for dinner, so I also dined very well!

Overnight we got a little dusting of snow, but nothing significant. It got up to a pleasant 39 degrees, so none of it stuck around for my afternoon run.

Today I did two laps around the lake behind my place, which I mapped out at 4 1/2 miles on the nose. I now have a couple of different options to do my “normal” 4 1/2 mile runs, so that is great. Today’s route was all done on quiet neighborhood sidestreets and trails. Nice!

There was even a cute female runner that I ran past. I am sure she was thoroughly impressed with my combination of running tights, a neon green windbreaker, and a bright red NASCAR Dale Jr stocking cap. I think is a fantastic ensemble myself, but it fails to win points from anyone with fashion sense. Oh, well! :)

Until next time,

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