Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chilly day, and a cool photo

Brrrrr! Winter is here!

Tonight was the coldest run of the season. The temperature plummeted last night and was in the single digit readings. When I got home from work, it was about 17 degrees! I bundled up and had a brisk couple of laps around the lake. It took me a good mile to get warmed up, and once I did, it was pretty comfortable running. I had some ice on my goatee when I finished, though! :)

Here is a photo from a slightly warmer day! This is from my Des Moines race. I ordered one from the company that photographed the event and had Dad scan it while I was home at Thanksgiving. Normally I don't order pictures from events, but I thought the photo was kind of cool, and it was a special day. This was me crossing the George Washington Carver bridge coming back into downtown at about the 11 mile mark.

Trying to stay warm,

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