Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Getting settled

Today was a big day; I vacated the old apartment, so I am officially moved! What a great feeling. I had lived in the same neighborhood for 10 of my 12 years in the metro, so I have a lot of history there. But after I signed off on the final paperwork and tossed them the keys, I left the place like it was on fire. I am just terribly excited about the new digs!

There is some semblance of order starting to take place. The living room and kitchen are pretty orderly, but I still have numerous boxes stacked up in the bedroom that I am not quite sure what to do with. The internet is hooked up (high speed, too...wheeeee!), as it the cable TV, although for some reason, Comcast doesn't provide you with all of the necessary cables to receive an HDTV broadcast, so I had to go out and buy those today. All is well now, though (and there was much rejoicing!). It is starting to feel like home.

I went for a run in the drizzle this evening. It was 57 degrees though, so the temperature was pleasant. I did 5 miles on the park trails again, smiling the whole time. I am really going to like my new running routes!

Until next time,

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