Monday, November 06, 2006

He's back!

After a breif blogging hiatus, I have returned! Lots to talk about from the past week’s event:

Everybody celebrate!

It has been an exhausting week that involved several trips from the old apartment to the new one, as well as having to make special trips to accomodate delivery people.

But over the weekend, I officially moved into my new apartment. On Saturday morning, my buddies showed up with big vehicles and we got everything out of there and up here in no time (Brett, Scott, Timmy, and Eric; you guys were lifesavers. Thanks a million!). After treating the movers to lunch at a local bar and grill, I headed back to the old place to clean. I spent 4 hours going over the place top to bottom, so I am ready to turn in my keys.

Exhausted, I dined at Arby’s because it was nearby and I just wanted something quick (note; if you ever want to feel like a loser, dine alone at an Arby’s on a Saturday night!). I also stopped at one of my local liquor stores to pick up some beer since I had nothing in the new fridge except for (strangely enough) hot sauce.

A true "guy fridge" - nothing but beer and hot sauce! :)

With that, I bid farewell to the old neighborhood and headed north. I arrived at my new apartment and promptly opened my first beer to celebrate!

The building is very nice. I face directly east, and I am on the 4th floor, so I have a pretty decent view. It ia delightfully quiet, unlike my former Minnetonka place. I didn’t hear a soul as I slept on my first night here (and my new bed absolutely rocks!). The kitchen is huge, and I will enjoy cooking here (I made Bolognese sauce with spaghetti last night!). I have laundry in the unit, which is something I have not had in a long time. And I love the neighborhood. Speaking of...

A run in the park

Sunday morning I got to do my first run in the new neighborhood, and to say I am excited is an enormous understatement. There are parks and trail everywhere. It is a runner’s paradise.

I ventured down the road on a paved bike path to the trail access point for the Rice Creek Park. There are miles of trails to explore along this mix of creeks, rolling prairie, and mixed woodlands. It is a beautiful oasis in the middle of a developing metro.

On this day I did a typical 4 1/2 miles in the early morning. I had the trail virtually to myself except for a lady walking a dog. I saw ducks sitting in the chilly creek as I ran by. A pileated woodpecker took flight from a low lying area.

Oh my, this is going to be fun.

Until next time,

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