Thursday, November 16, 2006

Run early, wings at night

I had a gathering to attend tonight that was closer to my office than it was to my home. Therefore, I opted to run in the morning and come to the office a little later.

At 5:30 AM, I put on my headlamp and my Illuminite running jacket and did close to 5 miles (actually, it was 4.85 when I traced my route on Google's Gmaps Pedometer mapping web site!). It was a crisp, cool 25 degrees; very comfortable for running.

Today I took a different route and simply stuck to the bike paths along the main roads. Nothing but long, straight stretches here, so it was easy, flat, consistent running with no tricky hills or turns to negotiate in the dark. It was a very good run, and I clipped along at a pretty brisk pace on this frosty morning.

Tonight's gathering that I spoke of earlier was the end of the year banquet for the fantasy golf league I am in (yes, I said fantasy golf league!). It is pretty simple; during the course of the PGA season, we pick one player a week, and you cannot reuse that player during the season. Whatever money that player earns, you get. The league player with the most money wins.

Anyhow, as is tradition, we always meet at Buffalo Wild Wings for our year-end celebration. Most of us have been visiting this place long enough that we still remember when it was simply called "BW3" and wasn't such a family-friendly franchise! But, we feasted on chicken wings, and our commissioner passed out the winnings, including the traveling trophy that goes to the winner.

A fun night, for certain. I am glad I ran this morning, because I don't think I would feel so great running with a stomach full of "Asian Zing" flavored wings... :)

Until next time,

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