Monday, December 18, 2006

Bring on the trails!

A nice 31 degree and sunny afternoon. Very comfortable running weather.

I did a pretty fast run around the lake today, putting in a little extra effort since I am taking tomorrow off (I’m staggering my running schedule to more easily accommodate my trip up north for Christmas this Friday!).

The new Montrail insoles got their first test tonight, and they are really nice. They definitely bring some arch support and stability to the party. I ran with them in my road shoes, but I did take them on some dirt trails for a test drive. On the uneven terrain is where these things will shine. I can’t wait to throw them in my new trail shoes and hit some “real” trails up north!

In running news, I have talked extensively about Dean Karnazes and his run home after The North Face Endurance 50. Well, his run has ended. No, he didn't run all the way to San Francisco. He ended it in Missouri, where the Endurance 50 started back in September at the Lewis and Clark Marathon. He cited numerous reason (lack of planning and infrastructure to support his journey), but most important was that he missed his family. Who can blame him? The guy hasn't been home since September, and it's the holidays! It does sound like he wants to do something big next year, so stay tuned.

Until next time,

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