Friday, December 01, 2006

"Christmas Vacation" in the making

It was slightly warmer today at a balmy 21 degrees! I ran a couple of laps around my lake again. A pretty nice night, even though the breeze was a little stinging on the face.

Lots more Christmas decorations are being put up along my route, too. There are a few ”Clark Griswold houses” along the way. One place even had a 30 foot tall maple tree wrapped entirely in white lights. Every day there is something new to be seen.

The most interesting and elaborate Christmas decoration I saw is something that must be relatively new on the market (at least, I had never seen one before). It is a giant, inflatable snow globe lawn ornament. It is like a life sized version of those little water-filled snow globe toys that you shake to make it snow. Crazy.

‘Tis the season to try and one-up your neighbor... :)

Until next time,

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