Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cold! And...well, cold!

I went out during lunch today to run a few errands. While putting gas on my car, I was trying to think of the last time I was this cold! It was a positively bitter 5 degrees with a fierce wind. Lord only knows what the wind chill was!

Thankfully, it was slightly warmer and less windy. A sweltering 14 degrees! :) Needless to say, there were few signs of life on the route today; only one other runner and a rather loquacious pileated woodpecker. That’s about it!

In running blog news, I have been reading the rather fun blog of Krissy Moehl. She is a big time trail runner and ultramarathoner, one of the elites in the sport. In her blog, she has been capturing her amazing running and traveling experiences since this summer. She is even running in a short little 100k race this weekend in Virginia. An inspiring and adventurous woman!

Until next time,

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