Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dog issues

Some days I struggle with what to title my posts, other days it comes so easily...

Back to reality today. Since I am home from Christmas, that means I am back to running in my neighborhood again. While certainly not bad, it is almost borderline depressing after running the last week in the wilderness and not seeing a soul. Oh well!

My run was fast this afternoon. I pushed myself pretty hard in order to stretch out some muscles that were a little tight from last week’s rugged terrain. It felt great.

Admittedly, I am not much of a dog person. While I do like the idea of dogs (they can be cute, smart, entertaining, etc.), I find them far too needy, and I have never been all that comfortable handling them. Cats are more my speed because they have a certain swagger about them. They aren’t easily impressed by anything, and if they want your attention, they will let you know. Cats are independent. I like that.

That being said, I seem to be a magnet for dogs. It is like they can sense fear and discomfort.

Tonight just past the three mile mark, I passed a house where a woman was scolding someone. I didn’t pay much attention and kept running. I still heard her calling out as I continued on my way.

Soon I realized the lady was screaming at her dogs that were following me! I turned and there was a cute little springer spaniel puppy dragging his leash. He was followed closely by an exuberant Brittany and a golden retriever. The dogs had gotten away from her as she was preparing to walk them.

I quickly stopped for fear that if I didn’t, they might follow me all the way home. The springer greeted me with enthusiasm, licking my hands and jumping up on me. The other dogs just stood there surrounding me as I led them back to their apologetic owner who came running to get them.

She said, “I am so sorry. I have dog issues!”

I told her there were no worries, and that the puppy was a cute little guy. She corralled her hounds, and I headed for home.

Not more than a hundred yards later, I see a man walking a Jack Russell terrier off his leash, and he came tearing after me, too! Thankfully, the dog obeyed his master and stopped as I turned at the fork in the trail.

What an afternoon for canines. I beg to differ with the lady, however. I think I am the one with dog issues. :)
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