Sunday, December 10, 2006

A path in the woods

Another gorgeous morning to run. It was 35 degrees and clear. I was also greeted with a brilliant pink, purple, and blue pastel sunrise.

I did the usual route, for the most part. That is, until I discovered a path that I had not noticed before. And when one finds a path, one must explore!

It was a well camouflaged city trail that cut through a residential area and led to yet another wooded park. It wasn’t a very long trail, perhaps a half a mile or so of single-track dirt. But it will be nice to incorporate this into my regular route to get a little trail running fix!

Today has been anything but lazy. After my run, I made breakfast, baked a batch of homemade cookies, and got my venison meatballs prepped for dinner tonight.

Currently, I am watching the Vikings search for new and interesting ways to blow a big lead. We will see if they can hang on...

Until next time,

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