Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We need a little Christmas! Right this very minute!

I got home late from work today due to a holiday gathering, so I got to do my run at dusk and ending in the darkness. It was pleasant out, still in the upper 30’s. I happily ran my 4 1/2 miles to help work off my "ziti al forno" from lunch at Biaggi's!

It was fun to run at that time because so many homes around the lake had their Christmas lights blazing. Quite a colorful neighborhood. I even turned on the Christmas lights in my window before I left.

My run finishes on the street that leads directly to the side of the apartment building where my place is located, and you know what? I am the only person displaying Christmas lights on my side of the whole complex! How depressing and disappointing. Where is the Christmas spirit, people?

For we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute,
Candles in the window,
Carols at the spinet.
Yes, we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute. :)

Until next time,

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