Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Art house fish house

Comfortable running today at 24 degrees and very light winds. Nice! And most of the streets were pretty well cleared off after Sunday's dusting of snow, so it made for easy running. I did the usual; a couple of laps around the lake.

With the snow, it is at least looking somewhat like winter around here. However, we have nowhere near the amounts that we normally do. Not enough for snowshoeing, at least in my neighborhood. It continues to be a strange winter.

But the relatively small amount of snow is of little concern to the ice fisherman! In an earlier post, I described the fish houses that are used for ice fishing here during Minnesota's winters. The local paper today featured an event on Medicine Lake in the Twin Cities suburb of Plymouth where artists are creating some pretty interesting fish houses as part of the Art Shanty Projects. They've actually managed to create a whole festival out of the tradition of ice fishing! Be sure to check out the "Images" link for a slide show of the creations.

Until next time,

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