Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Big Chill

Brrrr, a chilly one today, folks! Yesterday’s mild day was met with a fierce NW wind and some much colder temperatures. I did my run early in the morning when it was 22, however the wind chill made it feel like 4. And guess what? That was to be the warmest part of the day! Temperatures have been continually dropping as the day progresses.

January has finally decided to make an appearance.

I ran 9 1/2 miles, perhaps against my better judgment. A freak snow shower also greeted my journey, so I was getting hit in the face with sharp, crystalline snowflakes, too. While the accumulation was minimal, it was just enough to screw up the roads and the bike path, making it kind of slippery (and believe it or not, 2 miles west of me got no snow...weird!).

The first half of the run wasn’t so bad, but the return trip had me going right into the teeth of the wind. There was a moment where I got hit with a gust so strong that it almost stopped me in my tracks! Unreal.

A miserable run. I don’t say that very often, but it sucked out there today. Never was I so glad to step into a warm shower when I got home. I am guessing the 5k and half marathon races at the St. Paul Winter Carnival this morning were no picnic.

With my run done, I went out and did my grocery shopping. I also took a drive to my former neighborhood in Minnetonka. One of the wine shops that I frequented was having their semi-annual “the day of the month = your % off” wine sales (meaning, today was 27% off on the 27th!), so I thought I would stock up on some vino. After that, since I was in the area, I had lunch at one of my old favorite places, The Lone Spur. I am happy to report the enchildas with beef brisket are still awesome. Life is good. :)

I think I am done going outside for the weekend. It’s just too darn cold! I foresee lots of TV sporting events in my future... :)

Thawing out nicely,

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