Thursday, January 04, 2007

Easy running on the trail

The strange weather continues. It was nearly 40 again, but it felt a little more damp and clammy out, so no shorts today! I wore my normal winter gear and had a very comfortable run. I took it kind of easy today, just a nice and steady pace.

I ran in my trail shoes today and took a little bit more of the dirt trail. Since it is so warm, the snow on it has turned crunchy and slushy, offering some better grip. After the New Year’s storm, there were areas that were glare ice, so I had been avoiding this route.

It is good to use the trail again! I love being on it because it is almost like going into another world. For a brief stretch, I leave the residential neighborhood and venture into the forest where the chickadees are singing, and the downy woodpeckers are gently tapping their trees. It is a neat sanctuary.

Not much on the agenda this evening except for a little laundry, and I will be watching ”The Office” at 7:30 PM. I love that show, and it is a new episode, so all the better!

Until next time,

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