Monday, January 29, 2007

Just like January

Ah, a nice relaxing Sunday after my long run on Saturday. I cooked up a little homemade Kung Pao chicken and watched Tiger Woods kick some butt at the Buick Invitational, so I had a great weekend in fantasy golf. Good times!

I had a good run following work this afternoon. We got a dusting of snow overnight, so some of the streets were still coated near the curb, which offered extra cushion and traction. I ran a pretty steady pace, pushing it harder towards the end. A solid workout today.

The temperature was 15, but wind was a little rough, keeping the wind chill at zero. At least it was sunny out, so that felt good. Spoken like a true Minnesotan; “Yeah, the wind chill was zero, but it wasn’t that bad outside!” :)

Actually, today might be one of the warmer days. Mother Nature is in the process of reminding us who is boss. The bottom is supposed to drop out by the weekend, so I will have to keep bundled up. This is what January is supposed to be like!

Staying warm,

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