Monday, January 15, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

I love Minnesota. All seasons, not just the warmer ones.

Snow is just a way of life up here in the winter. While it’s pretty to watch from the window of your home, snow is not always nice when you have to get somewhere. It’s just something you have to deal with.

Last night we had a winter storm rumble through the region, dropping anywhere from 2 to 8 inches of snow depending upon where you lived in the Twin Cities metro and south of here. My neighborhood was towards the lower end of the spectrum with perhaps 3 inches. It was enough to really screw up the roads, creating a slow go of it during this morning’s commute.

But you know what this meant? I got to run in the snow!

Tonight I laced up my trail shoes because most of the side streets still had a dusting on the edges where the plows hadn’t been yet. I like running in the snow. You get a surprising amount of grip, a little extra cushion, and a better workout when you are in the deeper stuff. Slower running, for certain, but I feel like I get a lot out of it.

When I ventured off the road onto the trail, it was beautiful and peaceful. Running through 3 inches of powder, breaking your own trail, with chickadees singing in the trees above you; awesome! Who cares that the wind chill is near zero?

And hey, a few more inches of snow and I can go snowshoeing! :)

Other than that, I can barely contain my excitement for the 2nd half of the season premiere of ”24” tonight. Jack is back, baby!

Until next time,

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