Sunday, January 14, 2007

Little fish houses for you and me

12 degrees this morning for my run. I did a 7 mile out-and-back down the bike path. Despite the bitter temperature and the frozen eyelashes once again, it was a comfortable run. The legs felt very fresh, so I clipped right along! Nice way to start my Sunday.

The parody of some Mellencamp lyrics in the title of my post is in reference to my trip to Brainerd yesterday. I went up there for a car appointment in the morning, and made a leisurely trip back home through east central MN, the area where I grew up.

It was all of -9 degrees up there on Saturday (no, not the wind chill...that was the actual air temperature!), so it was rather brisk. Because it gets so cold, one of the more interesting sights you see in the winter in Minnesota are the ice fishing houses on the lakes. Ice fishing is extremely popular on Mille Lacs Lake, one of Minnesota’s finest walleye fishing lakes. I braved the cold to take this picture.

A vehicle on Mille Lacs Lake heading to the fish house

My friends in warmer climates have trouble grasping this concept, but ice fishing is so popular on Mille Lacs that people build custom fish houses that they drag out onto the ice to fish in. Some of these are better equipped with many features of an actual home, complete with beds, furniture, electric generators, and even TVs.

The local resorts will even plow roads on the ice so people can drive their vehicles to their fish house! Honestly, it looks like there are small towns out on the lake. Annually, Mille Lacs has around 5,000 fish houses on it during the winter fishing season. A rather unique sight.

I also stopped to take a picture of the world’s largest dala horse in the Swedish community of Mora, MN!

Move over, Budweiser clydesdales!

A lazy day in the kitchen is planned today, along with watching the NFL playoff games. I am currently making a batch of beef jerky in my food dehydrator, and tonight I am making spaghetti with red sauce. I love days like this!

Until next time,

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