Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The return of winter

A cold one, for a change. 24 degrees, but there was a stiff wind that brought the windchill to a crisp 11 degrees. Brrr! That felt pretty chilly compared to what we have been experiencing as of late. Winter is going to get even with us. She always does in Minnesota!

I ran pretty easy today. I tweaked my left hamstring a little bit during yesterday's run, but I stretched really well this afternoon and everything felt fine. It was tough sledding near the end, as I was finishing my run directly into the bitter cold wind. But now I am in the warmth of my apartment, so all is well!

Not much on the agenda this evening. I ordered and received some pictures in the mail from my various trips over the fall and during the holidays, so I will probably spend some time organizing those and putting them away in albums. Always fun to get new pictures, and to look back at some old ones, too.

Until next time,

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