Thursday, February 22, 2007

Finally, some snowshoeing?

What a gorgeous evening! It was 32 degrees, sunny, slightly breezy, but still most pleasant outside.

The weather definitely contributed to a positive attitude on my run. I felt very spirited. It is nice to have streets that are clear of snow and ice, and the ground on the trails was slightly frozen, so it was not as muddy as the other day. Hard not to get excited about running this afternoon.

This is, as they say, the “calm before the storm,” however. The NWS Forecast Office in the Twin Cities is predicting our biggest snowstorm of the season starting on Friday night and lasting into Sunday. We are currently under a winter storm watch.

It would not take much to be called the “biggest snowstorm of the season,” as we really haven’t had a huge one this year. But this could prove to be significant. Depending upon where it tracks, we could get anywhere from 6 inches to a foot, based on the latest projections.

Since I am not entirely sure what the weather will bring, I got my grocery shopping done tonight. And, I dug out my running snowshoes just in case! :)

Bracing for the snow,

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