Monday, February 12, 2007

The Heart of St. Paul is still beatin’!

When thinking about the words "Heart of St. Paul," the 80’s hit song, “The Heart of Rock ‘N Roll” by Huey Lewis & the News, kept popping into my head. Even though Huey never mentioned St. Paul in the song, I thought perhaps he should have, because St. Paul rocks!

Sunday morning I found myself running in the Heart of St. Paul 5k. The race runs a clockwise loop around Como Lake in the scenic Como Park area. It is a pretty course, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, this is the same course as November’s Turkey Run.

130 diehard runners were greeted with delightful temperatures in the middle teens. That may sound chilly, but when looking back at my running journal, I had to go back to January 29th run to find a run with a comparable temperature. Otherwise, it has been much colder. I am officially calling this a heatwave. :)

I tried something different today and decided to leave my watch at home. I thought I would just run by feel. This way, I figure, it takes pressure off, I am not concentrating on time, and I could just run.

And run, I did! Right from the start I settled into a pace I felt good about and kept clipping right along. There was nobody calling out splits at the mile markers, and therefore no need to wonder how I was doing, so I just focused on running.

It was a little strange because I was running the race virtually alone. When the pack got sorted out, I could see one guy perhaps 70-80 yards ahead of me that I wasn’t gaining on, and I stopped hearing footsteps behind me after the first mile. It seemed like I had the course to myself for the last 2/3rds of the race!

I crossed the finish line in 21:46, which was good for 10th place overall, and 1st place in my division. Whenever I can get under 22:00, I am very happy, so that was a good 5k time for me. And I did it without really knowing how I was doing. I like running by feel. Perhaps I will leave the watch at home from now on? :)

Cool shirts at The Sporting Life's events!

The Sporting Life does a really nice job with their events, no matter how small or how large. These are among my favorite local races to run in. They are well organized, the courses are pretty and fun, and (being a fan of race T-shirts) they have some of the coolest race shirts in my wardrobe. For this race, we got a really neat wicking long-sleeved T-shirt. Fashionable and functional. Nice!

A fun morning. I ran well, had a great time with the other runners, enjoyed the beautiful sights and sounds of St. Paul, and indulged in a little bit of chocolate at the finish. As I said earlier, St. Paul rocks!

So, no worries, Huey; I’ve got it covered for you...

The heart of rock ‘n roll,
heart of rock ‘n roll is still beatin’...
in ST. PAUL!

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