Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's like deja vu all over again

Oh, what a tiring day! As I have mentioned earlier, my department at work is moving to a new office next week. Originally, we were supposed to have all of our stuff packed up by Thursday. Earlier this morning, they changed the deadline to today due to the impending snow storm. They figured (perhaps correctly) that folks might not be able to make it in if the forecasts come true.

So we were scrambling. I had all of my stuff taken care of, so I spent most of the day helping the department box up everything. I helped pack a couple of offices for people who were traveling, I got to shrink-wrap several huge carts full of books and binders, and I did a lot of heavy lifting and pushing boxes around. I think we got everything all taken care of, and I am a little bit tired this evening as a result.

You might also recall that I moved last fall, so this whole moving process is like deja vu. Seeing piles of cardboard boxes, carts, and doing all that lifting was giving me flashbacks! :)

Even though I was a little wiped out, it didn’t stop me from running when I got home! The legs were kind of heavy at the start, but I managed to have a surprisingly zippy run on my usual stomping grounds. Even after a tiring day, it always feels good to run. A nice stress reliever!

The weather forecast is pretty interesting right now. I made it home before anything started, and as of this writing, nothing has. Latest report are that the first wave could hit the Cities later in the rush hour (how convenient), with 2 - 4 inches overnight, and we might have a foot or more by Thursday evening. Thankfully, I am equipped to do my work from home, if need be, so I will not have to venture out if the weather is as bad as they say it could get.

Watching for the first snowflake,

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