Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Muskrat Love

It felt like summer today.

OK, 20 degrees isn't exactly summer! But with the sun shining brightly, it felt really nice on the run the afternoon. It was back to doing the usual route once again. I felt really good after racing on Sunday.

While running on the east side of the lake, I saw a funny little animal running down the quiet street ahead of me. I caught up to it and ran along side of it for a second. It was a muskrat! While not terribly surprised to see one (there is a large swamp on this side of the lake), I don't think I have ever seen one during the winter before. I asked him what he was doing out, but he ignored me, turned off the road, and headed to the swamp. Always fun to see some cute little wild critters on the run!

I am getting excited because I have Friday off. I will be going up north to visit the family for a long Presidents' Day weekend. I have not been home since Christmas, so I can't wait. It sounds like Mom and Dad have quite a menu planned for our various dinners, so that will be fun. And I look forward to seeing all the cute little wild critters on my runs in the North Country, too! :)

Until next time,

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