Sunday, February 25, 2007


Now THAT was a good, old fashioned Minnesota snowstorm!

The view from my balcony (as I type this, they just dug out the car you see in the picture that was buried by the plows!)

Yesterday we go socked. There is no other way to put it. I spent all of the day inside, baked some bread, did some cooking, and watched the snow come down hard! The neighboring town of Andover was claiming 13.5 inches of snow as of this morning, and after being out and about already today, we are certainly in the ballpark.

I tried to do a little snowshoeing this morning. What I hadn't anticipated what that the snowplows threw all of their loose, chunky snow up onto the bikepath. With every step, I post-holed up to my knee, so the snowshoeing was short-lived. I went running instead, and I took my camera with me.

A shot of the neighborhood

As you can see in the pictures, we got dumped on. Most of the streets had already been plowed, however, so there was a decent, crunchy layer of snow for me to run on. Wearing my trail shoes helped greatly for traction as well.

I hopped onto the trail for a short jaunt, as as you can see in the photo below, I was the only person who had been on it. It was at least a foot deep coming through here, and there were a couple of drifts I had to negotiate through that almost came up to my waist!

Breaking trail

I had a really fun time running today. The blanket of fresh snow looks beautiful. There were a lot of people out shoveling and snowblowing, the chickadees were singing, and I even heard the pileated woodpecker chortling deep in the trees. Nice!

Not much on the agenda today except for golf, NASCAR, and homemade enchiladas for dinner. :)

Digging out,

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