Monday, February 05, 2007

Trusting your instincts

We had a heatwave today; the temperature actually hit zero this afternoon, so it was a little more pleasant running. I had an uneventful, enjoyable run around the lake. Sure, I was still bundled up, but it was much better out there.

Yesterday was pretty lazy, but it was a great day to stay inside. I did nothing but lounge around, watch sports, and cook. I made a pot of beef and chorizo chili with red and black beans that turned out delicious. Perfect food for a bitter cold day, and for eating during the Super Bowl!

I did something stupid, however. Twenty minutes before the start of the game, I changed my pick in the pick'em league to the Bears. I saw how hard it was raining, and I figured the dome team might have troubles! Oh well, live and learn. But I was very happy to see Dungy and Peyton get their Super Bowl. Nice to see classy guys succeed!

Until next time,

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