Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Weather matters

It occurred to me that I talk about the weather an awful lot in my blog. Well, after all, this is Minnesota, where our state motto is "Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Lakes and One Month of Poor Ice Fishing!" :)

Of course, that is not true, but our weather is certainly interesting and diverse. Take this past weekend, for example; the local Fox News affiliate reported on their evening broadcast that last weekend's cold snap consisted of 64 consecutive hours where the temperature was below zero!

Keeping with the theme of interesting weather, we got some snow early this morning. We didn't get much, perhaps two inches, but that was enough to really screw things up. I made to work before the heavy stuff came down (I'm an early riser!), but several of my coworkers were exchanging tales from their commutes, and they were none too pleasant. Some people's 20 minute drive turned into an hour and a half! Ugh. But the drive home from work wasn't a lot of fun, either. Still plenty of slick spots, and the secondary roads were horrible. I love Minnesota, but these are the days your must put up with from time to time!

This afternoon, I ran in my trail shoes to give myself some extra grip. The streets in my neighborhood still had a layer of snow on them, so the shoes helped greatly. The small section of trail that I was only only had one set of footprints, so I enjoyed the fresh, soft powder. And despite being a mere 7 degrees, it almsot felt warm! Very little wind and plenty of sun made things quite comfy.

Finally, another local weather-related news item: While I have professed my enjoyment of running in colder weather, I know I have been clear that it is important to be prepared and have good gear. You don't want to do what this guy did.

A kid from Buffalo, MN, got severe frostbite on his feet from running around the block barefoot in the 17 below zero weather on Sunday! Apparently, the family had a tradition of doing a run around their garden during the halftime of the Super Bowl. When Dad declared it was too cold to do the run, the youngster decided to keep the tradition going in his own style; that is, without shoes or socks. What part of that sounded like a good idea, I am not sure, but it certainly appears that it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature!

Warming up nicely,

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