Saturday, March 03, 2007

Back to normal (somewhat!), and a few storm photos

The snow has finally stopped, and as Johnny Nash once sang, “It's gonna be a bright (Bright), bright (Bright) sunshiny day!”

Snow, snow, everywhere! Keep in mind that a mere 8 days ago, the ground was bare.

The sun shines bright in the northeast metro today, although it is a cold one. The temperature was all of 12 degrees, and a fierce NW wind kept the wind chill around -4. How much snow did we end up with? Not sure. According to the National Weather Service, my area was in the 12-15 inch zone. Not that far west of here got 20! Whatever the case, we have a hell of a lot of snow. That was a crazy storm, bigger than last weekend’s.

One of the streets I ran on today. No pavement in sight!

For my run, I had to dig out my long underwear and face mask, because I haven’t needed them lately! And, needless to say, they haven’t quite gotten around to plowing the bike path that I normally take on the weekend. Clearly, there are other priorities, such as clearing the roads!

Notice the plow has nearly buried the stop sign!

I ended up running a variation of my usual route, except that I did four laps around the lake instead of two, so I got in somewhere around 8 miles. The roads in my neighborhood are still quite snow-packed and crunchy. Trail shoes served me well once again for added traction.

...but clearance is only about 8’, 3”! :)

After my run, I ventured out in my car for the first time since Wednesday. It felt good to get out. The only time I had been outside in the last few days was to run, so I was starting to go a little crazy sitting in the apartment! Most of the highways were pretty well cleared off, but the side streets and parking lots of stores were still packed with snow and quite slick. I did a little grocery shopping and bought some ingredients to make beef Bourguignon tomorrow. Nothing like eating a nice braised dish while staring at huge drifts of snow! :)

Digging out nicely,

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