Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Melting away, and protesting leprechauns

Yesterday's nice weather has officially been topped. 63 degrees here in the metro! Wow, does it ever feel nice. In fact, it is so nice outside that, as I type this, I can see a person down the street in the condo development unloading a keg of beer from his truck wearing just shorts and a tank top. That is a sign of spring, right?

Anyhow, what a great day to run! I took the the usual route in my summer gear; shorts, a short-sleeved running shirt, and my cap. Awesome! I ran somewhat easy today, since I went longer yesterday, but it was a joy to run. It felt like spring, and I loved it.

The snow is virtually gone, with the exception of areas that receive little sun, or where it was piled up by the plows. I have never seen so much snow melt so quickly.

And finally, in running news; With the Human Race 8k in St. Paul rapidly approaching, we just got an e-mail from the race director. Apparently the race is being protested by leprechauns! Ought to be interesting.

Starting to feel a wee bit Irish,

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