Monday, March 05, 2007

New digs at work

Today my department moved into our new office. It is a pretty nice setup. The best thing is that I reduced my commute by 75%, so that will be good. But it was a slightly chaotic, tiring day, given all the unpacking I had to do, as well as all of the various orientation sessions for the new campus. It feels good to be home.

Tonight, I relax. I made some really good beef Bourguignon yesterday, so the leftovers will supply me with my dinner. And then I will watch FOX’s action-packed lineup of ”Prison Break” and ”24”. A fun evening of TV!

There was no run tonight, as it was my day off. Yesterday I did get in a nice run in the morning. It was very cold, all of 5 degrees, but I still got to enjoy the crunchy snow on the side streets, so running was comfortable with good grip.

On my drive home tonight, I got to see that the bike path in my neighborhood had about 4 feet of snow piled upon it from the snowplows last weekend. I am not sure if they will be removing that anytime soon, or if they are simply going to wait for it to melt, but I might have to find some alternate routes!

Only 16 days until spring,

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