Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Period of adjustment

Running was very challenging today. A few days ago, it got warm, so some of the snow melted. In the last two days, it has been rather chilly. Therefore, the streets were a combination of slippery and slushy. Of course the city did nothing to clean off the streets while it was warm, so this stuff is pretty much here for good until we get some warmer weather. Every step felt like one step forward, and a half a step back. Slow going on the roads this afternoon!

The last two days have been a little long. Even though the office is closer to home, as with any new place, there will always be an adjustment period. I feel like I am starting to get settled in, but I am still trying to get the lay of the land, as well as trying to figure out the cafeteria setup!

Speaking of adjustments, I’ve been looking at my race calendar, and I might make some changes to it. I have the Human Race 8k in less than two weeks, which will be an anniversary of sorts. But I may change up my April race from the Trail Mix 25k to something else (namely, something shorter!). It has been tough to get in the long runs over the last few weeks, given the cold and the snow. I don’t feel like I would be ready in time. And, I originally had my heart set on the Fargo Half Marathon in May, and I don’t want to fry myself before that!

So we will see. Some adjustments may be forthcoming. But it’s all good. Running is about having fun, and fun I will have wherever I run! :)

Ready for spring,

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