Friday, March 30, 2007

Signs of Spring

Let’s see, the high on Monday topped 80 degrees in some areas of the Twin Cities. Today was almost half that; 42 and drizzly when I went for my run.

It has been raining all day here, but my run was not uncomfortable. I don’t mind running in the rain so much. You get sweaty when you run anyhow, so what is a little extra water going to hurt? :) I had on a long sleeved running shirt, shots, and a cap, and I felt just fine for my usual 4 1/2 on the trail.

Kind of a quiet bird day today because of the rain, however the osprey was on her nest again, and I also saw a common loon flying over the lake in the park. Our official state bird is back!

In addition to the new bird arrivals that I have been reporting, we are starting to see other signs of spring. Some of the shrubs and small trees have started to bud, and if you look closely you can see an ever-so-faint hint of green. It is almost imperceptible if you are not paying attention, but if you stop and look, the green is starting to show. Some green grass is even starting to appear along the bike path. Very nice to see!

Another sports-filled weekend ahead of us with PGA golf and the first LPGA major of the season (I have Padraig Harrington and Annika Sorenstam in my leagues, and neither one of them are setting the world on fire), we have NASCAR at Martinsville, and of course, the Final Four. I haven’t followed college basketball enough this year, so I have no idea who to pick. Then again, with no allegiances, it might make for more enjoyable games because I won’t have to root against anyone!

Related to the Final Four, the noted pop culture writer Chuck Klosterman is covering the event for ESPN and is keeping a blog throughout the weekend. Entertaining stuff.

Enjoy the weekend!

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