Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Slush sucks

If you read yesterday’s post where I complained about the conditions of my streets. Today was worse.

It was 25 degrees today, but even so, the high March sunshine has started to melt some of the massive amounts of snow we got. That being said, the snow-packed streets have begun to soften.

There was about 4-5 inches of slushy snow and ice on my regular route. It made running extrememly challenging. Even cars were having a tough time negotiating the hilly areas. I can’t believe the city wouldn’t have run a plow through there to clean some of that off. My legs even got sprayed by a passing car, which didn’t exactly make me smile!

At least we have some warmer weather in store for us, so hopefully all of that will disappear soon. Running in the slush sucks.

But what didn’t suck was the homemade pizza I made after my run! :)


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