Friday, March 09, 2007

Terra firma

What a difference a couple of days makes.

Today was a 45 degree sunny day. The temperatures stayed above freezing overnight, so the snow we got from the storm last weekend is melting like crazy. All of my streets that were previously covered in slush were perfectly clear.

It felt so good to run on solid ground, to have some traction, and to not spin your wheels. I felt downright speedy on my run this afternoon. And it was my first run of the year where I did not have to wear a stocking cap! I hope this means we are turning the corner.

No real solid plans for the weekend. I will do a run tomorrow (perhaps 8 miles or so), and then I will probably do some cooking (although I don’t know what yet), and the amount of televised sports is absolutely off the charts. We have tons of college basketball (including the NCAA bracket selections for the tourney), PGA golf, and a couple of NASCAR races from Las Vegas to keep me entertained. So I think a great weekend is in store!

Melting away,

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