Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Varied weather, and more nature stuff

Pretty nice day today, but a little strange weather-wise. Much cooler than yesterday, with temps in the low 60’s, and a combination of sun. overcast, strong wind, and a few scattered raindrops (and now some big raindrops as I sit here and write!). A veritable buffet of different weather conditions!

I ran 4 1/2 miles on the trail and bike path. It was a good run, a little tough coming home into the strong wind, but a productive run nonetheless.

A good nature day as well. I saw both the mama and papa ospreys circling overhead and riding the wind currents very near the nesting site, so it appears they are making themselves at home. I also spotted an eastern kingbird in a thicket, which makes for my first flycatcher sighting of the season.

I even rescued a cute little woolly bear caterpillar who was trucking as fast as he could across the bike path, guaranteeing him a safe journey to the vegetation on the other side.

Tomorrow is a day off, and the weather forecast seems to indicate a chance of rain from here to eternity (or at least as far as the long range forecast goes). Well, we are getting close to that “April showers” time of year, aren’t we?

Awaiting those May flowers,

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