Monday, March 12, 2007

Who likes short shorts?

I like short shorts!

Or perhaps I should say, I like being able to wear running shorts on a 55 degree March day in Minnesota! :)

These are the kind of days runners dream of. Mid 50’s, slight breeze, with a mix of sun and clouds. Perfect. I threw on some shorts and my new super-cool Asics long-sleeved technical top, and I was off. I ran my usual route, and it wa so nice that I just kept on running. I ended up running 6 miles tonight, if for no other reason than to celebrate the beautiful weather. A great run.

It is astonishing how much snow has melted in the past week. Exactly a week ago, we were digging out from two different snowstorms with close to two feet of snow on the ground. Today, I look out the window and can see bare grass on the lawns of the condos below me. Wow!

Last night's dinner...yum!

It was a great weekend, too. Sunday brought a nice walk, a pot of homemade pollo alla cacciatora (delicious!), and lots of sports viewing on TV. My fantasy league PGA golfer missed the cut, and I am getting my butt handed to me in fantasy NASCAR this season, so it was not a successful weekend for leagues. But it did not diminish my enjoyment, for I am happy that spring is just around the corner. We're almost there!

Loving the warm weather,

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