Saturday, April 21, 2007

Against the wind

We have a relatively warm day and some potential spring storms brewing in Minnesota over the weekend.

In fact, it was rather mild when I went on my run today, 60 degrees right as the sun was coming up. As I am now less than a month away from the Fargo Half Marathon, I did a longer one today, putting in a total of 11 miles.

The first 5 or so were a bit challenging, as there was a very strong south-southeast wind that I was running into for the most part. It was really cranking out there! But that meant that once I turned to come home, it would be helping me, which was great!

It was a nice long run, and I felt pretty comfortable the whole time. I was probably overdressed in a long sleeved running shirt, but it wasn’t exactly a heat wave, either. I just ran easy, popped a Clif Shot Blok (I like the “cola” flavored ones!) and took a drink of water every so often. It was a good training run.

A new bird sighting to report, too. I saw my first great blue heron of the season. The heron rose up out of a lake I passed and was trying to fly into the wind, having a difficult time. He was moving about as quickly as I was while running into the wind! :)

Later on, I did a few errands and then treated myself to a really tasty Gorgonzola-bacon cheese burger at the Washington Square Bar & Grill. Absolutely delicious, and it sure hit the spot following my long run!

As Homer Simpson would say, ”Mmmm...burger!”

More NASCAR racing this evening, and tomorrow will be a day of rest.

Enjoy the weekend,

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