Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another awesome day

Another banner day here in Minnesota! 62 degrees, a little overcast, and a slight breeze. Excellent running weather.

I did my 4 1/2 after work. A pretty uneventful run, just a gallop down the trails through the park and around the lake. I saw the eastern phoebe swooping through the shrubs in search of bugs, and the bluebirds were present near the school. There are lots of bluebird birdhouses set up in the park, and from the looks of it, they are well utilized.

Dinner was pretty lazy. I baked a few Morningstar Farms Buffalo wings (I actually like these quite a bit...they have a little kick to them!), and had some steamed broccoli and Doritos chips on the side (mmmm...."Spicy Nacho" flavor!). Quick and easy!

Right now I am just kind of relaxing and waiting for tonight's new episodes of ”NCIS” and ”The Unit”. These are two of my favorites, and I can’t wait!

Still loving spring,

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