Friday, April 20, 2007

Curry up and go running!

A group of us from work went to lunch today and had the buffet at the India Palace in Roseville. Admittedly, Indian cuisine is one that I know very little about, and have virtually no experience with, but I am always up for something new when it comes to food and eating!

Everything was very tasty and well seasoned, and we had a couple of knowledgeable Indian food connoisseurs with us to explain the dishes, which was helpful. My favorite was the tandoori murg; chicken marinated in yogurt, garlic, and assorted spices and then barbecued. I also liked the beef curry, the chicken and mushrooms, as well as a side dish of peas and what I believe was tofu in a light curry sauce. And this flat bread called naan was light and yummy, kind of like a big pita. A fun lunch lunch with some coworkers. We had a great time and ate our fill.

Why do I tell you this? Well, the large lunch slowed me down quite a bit on my run this afternoon! :) I am not used to eating so much at lunch, so I felt a little weighed down. But it was a nice day, so I couldn’t complain too much.

Sunshine, blue skies, and low 70’s greeted my for my run. There was a decent breeze coming out of the southeast, so that helped to keep things comfortable. If felt pretty warm, and I was sweating a lot. The body still needs to adjust to heat. Just a nice easy 4 miler down the trails and around the lake. I had no intentions of pushing anything today anyhow, since I will do a longer run tomorrow.

This evening there is some NASCAR racing in Phoenix, so I will be tuned to ESPN2 at 8 PM. Love that racing under the lights! It will be fun to watch as I continue digesting my large lunch.

Eating light this evening,

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