Saturday, April 28, 2007

A full day

First of all, I must acknowledge my blog’s birthday! I started it exactly one year ago on April 28th. I now have a full year’s worth of stories about running, races, various travels, food, occasional attempts at humor, as well as plenty of drivel. :)

Quite a full day today. This morning I did a 14 mile run. This is actually the longest run I have done, and I am happy to say it went very well.

I took off at 6 AM just as the sun was barely peeking above the horizon. It was a glorious 55 degrees, and there was not a cloud to be seen. The leaves have exploded in the last week, so everything is a beautiful green. A fantastic morning. I ran a route south of me through various neighborhoods, came back through the park, and finished with a lap around the nearby lake. According to the Google’s Gmaps Pedometer , it was 14.1 miles, to be exact. A half marathon plus one mile. I was very pleased with my run.

There was a new bird sighting as well. I saw several blue-winged teal on a couple of different ponds. I have always thought these were cute ducks. I remember as a kid down on my Grandparents’ farm in southern MN, the farm pond was home to numerous blue-winged teal, so it was a fun sighting today. I also heard, but did not see, the distinctive sound of the white-throated sparrow too. Other usual suspects included the eastern phoebe, wood ducks, red-bellied woodpeckers, and the osprey.

After my run, I made a trip to the west metro to buy some new running shoes. I visited my running store, Start Line in Minnetonka, to pick up another pair of Brooks. As you might recall from an earlier post, Brooks discontinued my Adrenaline GTS6 shoes in favor of the upgraded Adrenaline GTS7. The shoes performed great for me, so I was happy that any changed made to the shoe were negligible. I bought another pair, as well as some Clif Shot Bloks and Jelly Belly “Sport Beans,” and I was on my way.

The Minnetonka Drive In; a trip back in time

Since I was in the west metro, I decided to see out a throwback fast food joint that I had never been to. I drove west of Minnetonka to the town of Spring Park to eat at the Minnetonka Drive In. This is a honest to goodness 60’s drive in that serves up all your typical drive in fare, and has the carhops who bring you your order. I had a great California burger with fries and a pop, and it cost me $5 and a few coins. Great stuff, and a true trip back in time.

This afternoon has been spent watching the wreck-fest at the NASCAR Busch Series Race at Talladega. I made some pizza dough and will have a pizza for dinner tonight. I think I will sleep well this evening!

Tomorrow will be a day off from running, but I am planning to go to a local state park in the morning to do some bird watching. Full report to follow.

Until next time,

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