Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Getting green

We are hitting a stretch of really awesome days. 63, sunny, with a nice breeze. Simply gorgeous! I ran another easy 4 1/2. Most enjoyable.

Some signs of spring are beginning to emerge in terms of vegetation. The smaller shrubs and trees have started to sprout tiny little green leaves. How great to see this! The local golf courses are open, and the grass is starting to green up, too. I am hoping this means we are officially done with snow. Although you never know. Dad tells me about a Minnesota fishing opener from years gone by (mid May) when it snowed, so we will keep our fingers crossed that this does not happen! :)

No new birds to report, but I did hear a pheasant crowing when I ran the trail through. I seem to hear pheasant occasionally when I run through that area however I have never seen them. One of these days, I am sure I will!

I am looking forward to the new ”Lost” tonight. It appears that Kate might be getting a little jealous of Jack spending a lot of time with Juliet (who can’t be trusted!). It is getting good. Of course, there will be more questions than answers, but I love it anyhow! :)

Until next time,

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