Monday, April 23, 2007

Just Like Paradise

These are the kind of days Minnesotans dream about when it is below zero and snowing. 68 degrees, a mix of sunshine and puffy clouds, with a gentle breeze. As David Lee Roth said on his 1988 Skyscraper album, “This must be just like livin’ in paradise!” :)

As predicted, the rain yesterday afternoon has given a vibrant shade of green. The grass that was dormant has perked up, and the leaves have sprouted even more today. There were a couple of flowering shrubs in my neighborhood that have exploded with flowers.

I went out for the usual weekday 4 1/2 miler, and it was extremely pleasant. A lot of bikers, walkers, and a few other runners were out taking advantage of the gorgeous day as well. I even flushed some wood ducks and saw one of the ospreys soaring overhead. What a great day to be outside.

In totaling up some miles, I realized I should be replacing my road shoes. I’ve got 4 months and over 400 miles on them, and I want to get a new pair in advance of Fargo so I have a little time to break them in. I will need to make a trip to Minnetonka to see my good friends at Start Line soon!

Loving the spring weather,

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