Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Logging 101

An overcast and breezy day in the metro. 42 degrees with a pretty strong east-southeast wind (we all know what that means - more on the weather in a second!), so at least I could get back to wearing shorts instead of my winter gear. I had a very energetic scamper down the bike path and trails today, with the wind helping me home during the last mile. Nice!

A new spring arrival to report; two eastern bluebirds were flitting about along the edge of a golf course. These pretty little birds kept flying ahead of me, so I got to watch them for a long time. Beautiful!

While rounding a corner in the park, I encountered a large birch tree (perhaps a foot in diameter) that had fallen across the trail. There was no severe weather while I was gone that could have knocked down such a sizable tree. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the resident beaver was responsible! He trimmed it perfectly at the base and dropped that sucker right on top of the trail as if to say “None shall pass!” I chuckled as I skirted by on the edge of the swamp. Sometimes nature just has to show us who is boss.

Speaking of that, I need to mention the weather; believe it or not, we are under a snow advisory tonight and tomorrow, and parts of southern Minnesota are under a full-blown winter storm warning! What a ridiculous spring.

Bracing for snow,

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