Sunday, April 01, 2007

Lovely weather for ducks

The damp, rainy weekend continues into Sunday. I took off for my morning run in light, but persistent, drizzle, and a strong south wind. I intended to do a 10 miler for my long run of the week.

I ended up exploring a new route today to try and gain some shelter from the wind. I’m kind of glad I did, too, as I saw some new birds.

The bike path I ran on goes past several small ponds and swamp edges. In only the second mile of my journey, I had to stop to look at four buffleheads swimming around. These are such cute little ducks, and they are a new spring arrival.

Also, in a couple of different locations, I scared up some wood ducks, so they have also returned. The male is particularly colorful, and it is always a treat to see these guys.

Anyhow, back to the run. My run was going so well that I just kept running. Instead of heading home, I veered off into the park to hit some of my regular trails to check on the osprey nest (they weren’t home), sipping my Propel and popping a Clif Shot Blok or two when needed. The sun even tried really hard to peek out for the first time in days during my last mile. When all was said and done, I ran 12 miles instead of 10. I was pleased with that and felt really good the entire time. This tells me my training over the winter was solid, and I feel like I should be in pretty good condition for the Fargo half marathon in May.

Yesterday was a pretty lazy day by comparison. It was a day off from running, however it was really too crappy to do any outdoor activities. I did my grocery shopping, and then took a trip into Stillwater to have lunch at The Freight House. My bleu cheese bacon burger was pretty darned good.

The Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger at The Freight House

The afternoon and evening were spent watching a myriad of sporting events; NASCAR truck racing, golf, and the Final Four. It was kind of nice because KQRS was also playing my custom “MyTunes” playlist at 7 PM. So I streamed KQ through my computer and listened to my selections while watching the Final Four on mute (you don’t have to listen to Billy Packer that way!).

More sports on TV this afternoon while I watch it continue to drizzle, and tonight I am going to make some variation of a Thai basil chicken stir fry for my dinner. I think I have even earned the right to a second helping after the long run today!

(And yes, I am fully aware that today is April Fool’s Day...everything I said is true!)

Until next time,

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