Friday, April 13, 2007

Now THAT is what I am talking about!

Spring is back, and it was a gorgeous day. Mid 50’s, sun is shining, light winds...what is not to like? The snow from a couple days ago is a distant memory.

I did an easy 4 miler this afternoon through the park and around the lake. It was just a great day to be outside, which you could tell by the number of people out and about. Lots of bikers, walkers, and dogs enjoying the wonderful weather.

I saw one new bird today; an eastern phoebe. This little flycatcher was sitting in a tree along side of a meadow, waiting for some unsuspecting insects to cruise by. I have always liked the phoebe because we had one that would build a nest on the outdoor flood light of the home I grew up in. Many a phoebe was raised there, and they were such cute birds.

On Sunday I have a race, the Pike Island Rundezvous 10k at Fort Snelling State Park. This will be both my first trail race, as well as my first 10k, of 2007. It is a smaller event, and the weather looks to be beautiful, so I am anticipating a relaxed atmosphere and a fun day.

Today I received an e-mail from the Race Director saying that the island was not underwater (it is right where the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers meet, so flooding is sometimes an issue in the spring), but there were areas with “some mud,” and also a 50 yard section of standing water that we will be routed around. Otherwise, the trails sound like they are in great shape for running. I will give you a full report with some pictures on Sunday.

Until next time,

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