Thursday, May 03, 2007

Big wheel, keep on turning

Another gorgeous spring day in Minnesota! 70 degrees, sunny, with a nice breeze. I am loving this.

I ran my usual 4 1/2 after work. It was fun. I didn’t run very hard, just took things at a steady pace so I could enjoy all the leaves and flowers that are starting to pop up. I noticed numerous little purple violets along the trail, the flowering trees are looking great, and the lilacs are beginning to blossom. They smell great! The whole neighborhood had a wonderful perfume wafting about today. I finished the run with a good quarter mile sprint back to my place, so I had a productive workout.

I had a fairly adventurous day, too. I brought my car in because I had a tire with a slow leak. Turns out I had actually cracked a rim! Not good. And I have no odea when that would have happend. Perhaps it was when I was playing ”Dukes of Hazzard” and tried to jump that dirt pile in order to clear a moving train, but I can’t be certain... :)

My rims are fairly specialized too, as they are low-profile and brand-specific. Not exactly something they had on the shelf, if you catch my drift. Unbelievablyly, the good folks at Tires Plus were able to locate a rim that matched my car in a matter of hours, so they got me taken care of quickly. That was $370 I would rather not have had to spend, but they pulled some strings, took pretty good care of me, and my car is safe again!

Anyhow, I am looking forward to a little relaxation and the new episode of ”The Office.” Looks like it could be a chaotic one, and Phyllis gets flashed and Dwight and Andy try to track down the perpetrator. Also, be sure to check out the cool desktop wallpaper on the NBC website.

Running on new shoes and driving on new wheels,

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