Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cooler, and perfect for running

We are back into some cooler temperatures after out freakishly warm Monday. Today was in the upper 50’s with sunshine and a nice breeze. Perfect running weather.

The weather has been favorable up north, too, and firefighters are still working hard to contain the Ham Lake fire. Currently it is 25% contained, and the area has received some rain, humidity, and cooler temperature in the last few days. A great combination of things. Keep up the good work, guys and girls!

I did my 4 1/2 this afternoon and had a great run. I was full of energy and felt very strong, so I clipped around my regular route at a pretty good pace. It is getting harder to see birds with all of the leaves now, but there are plenty of them singing! Lots of butterflies and wildflowers have emerged as well. Looks great around here.

Fargo is only 3 days away, so I am starting to get very excited! It looks like thye weather is calling for lows in the low 50's and highs in the low 70's on Saturday. Given that the race is at 8 AM, I think we should have some favorable temperatures. Should be fun!

The second to the last ”Lost” of the season is on tonight, so I am looking forward to that, too. I am sure they are going to leave us with an awful cliffhanger, but at least they are promising “Lost” fanatics with 3 more seasons and a definitive conclusion. Yay!

Until next time,

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