Monday, May 14, 2007

Gonna make you sweat!

OK, now I know my body hasn’t acclimated to this yet:

-89 degrees.

-Dewpoint of 63 degrees.

-Winds gusting to 32 MPH.

Hotter than blazes on my run this afternoon. This is kind of what late July feels like in these parts. Wow, I was sweating buckets after only a mile. I did an easy (relatively speaking) four miles, just taking a jaunt through the park and an abbreviated lap around the lake. I’m trying to wind things down before the race on Saturday, so I will have a couple more easy runs before then, and I should be good to go!

One new arrival to add to the bird list; I saw a pair of gray catbirds hanging out in a thicket in the park. Even though they are not colorful, they are still quite striking with their dusty gray feathers.

I am looking forward to the new episode of ”24” tonight. The season is winding down, and things are getting wild!

Until next time,

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