Thursday, May 17, 2007

Onward to North Dakota

A 4 mile run after work today. Just a nice, easy pace, nothing strenuous at all. This is the last run before the weekend, so I took it slow.

It was a picture-perfect day; low 70’s, sunny, low humidity, and a nice breeze. A little warm for running, but how can you complain? The run was still quite enjoyable. I even saw the gray catbird again, and one of the ospreys was flying low over the lake. A great day to be outside.

Tomorrow I go west to North Dakota for the Fargo Half Marathon. I am getting pretty excited. Currently I am doing laundry and getting packed, and in the morning I will take off. I am staying in a hotel right by the Fargodome, so I can walk to the start of the race. It ought to be a good weekend. I look forward to sharing some stories and pictures when I return!

Have a great weekend!

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