Saturday, June 30, 2007

25k and a burger

It was a gorgeous morning in the metro. Mild temperature, and not a cloud in the sky.

I went for my weekend long run and did my longest run to date. It totaled 15.7 miles according to Gmaps Pedometer mapping web site, so it was just a shade over a 25 kilometer run. Woohoo! :)

The run started out blissfully cool, but without a cloud in the sky, the temperature rose quickly. It was close to 70 degrees by the time I had finished, so it got a little warm. I had my two Amphipod hand-carry bottles with me one filled with water, the other with Gatorade (the new “Fierce grape” flavor is particularly tasty), and I drained both of them. I also ate an entire package of Clif Shot Bloks en route for some calories (“Cran-Razz” flavored to compliment the grape Gatorade).

Despite being warmer than I would have liked, it was a fun morning to run. There were a lot of people on the trails and bike paths because it was such a beautiful day. Runners, walkers, bikers, even a guy pulling his kayak (hopefully to a lake somewhere!). I saw lots of wildlife. Baby bunnies are still everywhere, and they scatter on the trails as you approach. A number of birds were seen carrying food back to the nests, so many youngsters have hatched. Just a great day.

I was a little tired afterwards, but feel really good. I feel like I am making some good progress. Still have a ways to go with my training, but I am pleased with how it is going so far.

My reward was lunch at Meisters Bar & Grill in Scandia, MN.

The “Bacon BBQ Meisterburger” at Meister’s Bar & Grill

I had the “Bacon BBQ Meisterburger,” which was absolutely excellent and was topped with more bacon than should be allowed by law. :) They do real, hand-cut fries here, too, which is a rarity in today’s restaurant scene, but always appreciated when you can find them on a menu. What a great meal!

A little NASCAR and golf on TV this afternoon, a nice dinner later on, and this turned out to be a pretty fine day. Tomorrow will be a well-earned day of rest!

Until next time,

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