Tuesday, June 26, 2007

99.9 Fahrenheit degrees

Today I was thinking of the lyrics to a Suzanne Vega song called “99.9 F°”:

You seem to me
Like a man
0n the verge of burning
99.9 Fahrenheit degrees

We have a scorcher, folks. Not quite 99.9, but the temps this afternoon were in the low 90’s, coupled with a downright tropical dewpoint in the mid 70’s. That pushed the heat index somewhere between 98 to 101. Yikes!

Needless to say the run was kind of slow. I took my time and put in my usual 4 1/2, and I even carried a water bottle with me. Not so much to stay hydrated for such a short run, but rather to dump over my head to help cool off!

Very difficult running in these conditions. Breathing becomes labored, your clothes get absolutely soaked, and the heat really takes its toll quickly. It is always best to take it kind of easy on days like this, which I did.

I suppose I had better get used to the heat. After all, we are only a few days into summer! :)

I am starting to notice birds that are busy gathering food for the newly hatched youngsters. Today I saw a beautiful eastern bluebird with a mouthful of insects heading back to the nest. Also, there continue to be huge numbers of butterflies in the park. I have never seen so many red admirals. This must be a banner year for them. They are everywhere, clearly enjoying all that the park has to offer!

Plenty warm down here,

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