Friday, June 01, 2007

Back to reality

With the holiday weekend behind me, the last couple of days have been all about getting into the old routine. Vacations always go by so quickly! Now it is back in the Cities, a return to the office, and back to my regular running routes.

It was astonishing to get out on my trails again after nearly a week away from them. The trees seem more lush and full. The wild roses along the trail have begun to bloom. It is like we are at the height of summer. Very pretty!

The last two nights, I ran the usual 4 1/2. Yesterday I ran quickly, today I took it easy. Both days were pretty decent weather-wise, if not a bit warm in the mid 70’s. But I had better get used to it, because it only gets warmer from here.

No real plans for the weekend. I will do a longer run on Sunday, and I need to go grocery shopping. This is actually my first full weekend at home in nearly 4 weeks, so I am desperately low on food! Otherwise, I will tune in to NASCAR and golf. That’s about it. Oh, and God bless iTunes for finally adding the Paul McCartney & Wings catalog to their selections. I will be downloading some of those this weekend, too! :)

Until next time,

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